The masthead covers the top third of the magazine. The fact that it is very vibrant and large will draw attention to it in the shops. Vogue magazine is already a very popular magazine so when people enter a shop wanting to but the magazine, all they will have to do is scan all the magazines to find it as the masthead stands out so much. The Font suggests that the magazines target audience is female. This is because the font is a lot more soft and rounded, which is proven to appeal to women more than men. Without being too soft and looking unprofessional, the masthead still gives the whole magazine a professional outlook.


The Strapline is usually featured below the masthead but in this magazine it is featured over the ‘V’ in ‘VOGUE’ This is most probably used to help sell the magazine even more. People often look for something like a freebie or some direct advice for them. Because of this the magazine would want to make sure the strapline is shown straight away at first glance.


The Coverlines used outline the model (Taylor Swift) and always bring the attention back to her, either at first glance or after you’ve read them.  The colour of them also gives the magazine a look of sophistication. This is because the colour white connotes as purity, which gives the magazine a nice, pure look. The Coverlines will also attract aspires as they may read something like “update your style for spring” and want to see what they can do to achieve that, this will make them want to buy the magazine to see what is inside.

Colour scheme.

As you can see the magazine has a constant colour scheme of Blue, White and a little black. These are known as the magazines house colours. These colours contrast with the model herself. This is because of the clothing she is wearing and her makeup. Her blue eyes contrast well with the blue font, making them both stand out. The whiteness and smoothness of her skin/ face also contrasts well with the white font. She as a person also looks innocent and pure, nothing about her is drastic or shocking, she is simple and attractive which ties in with the magazine.


I would say this magazines target audience would be women of the age 16+ who are more upper-class, this is because it is a very professional magazine and would cost more than one lower down the market. Their target audience would also be women interested in fashion and beauty as that is what the magazine is predominately about. The magazines target audience for this particular issue would also be fans of Taylor Swift, as she is such a big star in today’s world. Her fans would see her on the cover and be interested in the story that is inside, making them buy the magazine. Using her and featuring her name on the cover would attract even more people other than just their primary audience, the people attracted to the magazine because of the person or things in it are the magazines secondary audience. More high end magazines have a lot of trust in their primary audience to purchase the magazine every month but will also try their best to attract a secondary audience which will achieve them more sales.