Communication methods used in the media industry. 

There are many ways in which you are able to communicate with your audience in media. This depends on what information you are trying to pass on. I will list some of the different ways below.

  • Magazines
  • Leaflets
  • Advertisements
  • Mobile apps
  • TV
  • noticeboards
  • Photography
  • Newspaper
  • Websites
  • Films
  • Blogs
  • Books
  • Social media- Twitter, Facebook. YouTube (video blogs)

Journalistic communication methods. 

In journalism you would communicate with your audience in a more journalistic way. For example;

Leaflets and flyers. The purpose of leaflets and flyers is to inform and educate. If they were used to inform you, it would be about charity events, restaurants etc. To educate you would be about something you need information on, for example, illness etc. You would usually find leaflets at the doctors, schools and entrances to public buildings. You may also find them in magazines, on the internet and sometimes receive the, through email.

Codes and conventions.

Conventions- Title, Images, Information, contact details.

Codes- Formal and informal language, clear fonts and eye catching colours.

Radio news. The purpose of radio news is to inform you of news around the world. This could be locally, Nationally or globally. Examples of these type of radio stations would be Radio 4, Radio 5 live and BBC radio 2.

Codes and conventions. News is often delivered in a certain way. The Hard news which is basically the more important or drastic will come first, The soft news which is usually the least important or more feel good, will come last. The news is presented by spoken language. Vox- pops are often included and it is often left open for analysis and discussion. There will be a lot of travel news updates as well as breaking news and sport updates.

TV news. The purpose of TV news is to inform people on current events. This way of reporting the news is often more powerful than radio news because it uses visuals. There are many channels that are used for TV news. For example Look north, BBC news, Breakfast, Calendar, ITV news, Sky news and 60 second news.

Codes and conventions. Like Radio news, the news is usually delivered by presenting the Hard news first and the soft news last. The anchors (news reporter) are usually smartly dressed and well spoken. The presenters often use direct address, which makes you feel as though they are talking directly to you and this makes you trust the news more. They also include pre-recorded and live footage inserts. Anchorage is often used which is very important, it shows facts and figures whilst the presenter talks over, backing up the news story.

Website/ Blog. The purpose of websites and blogs are often to entertain. Examples of these type of websites would be WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Codes and conventions. They include text and images, further links and personal opinions. They should also be colorful, fun and eye catching

Newspaper. The purpose of a newspaper is to inform and entertain. There are different types of newspapers; Tabloid and broadsheets. They are used to inform us on the weekly news.

Codes and conventions of tabloid newspaper and broadsheet newspaper. 

As stated above, there are different types of newspapers. The sun, is a tabloid newspaper, The Telegraph is a broadsheet newspaper.

The Telegraph.

The Telegraphs target audience would be both genders around the age of 30+. Often upper-class, professional and very interested and passionate about the working world. On the front page of the newspaper we looked at, the image took over 30% of the page. This showed tat is was a dominant story and it was anchored well by the headline. The amount of text on the front showed the audience the stories are well explained, in depth. The cover included traditional fonts and sub headlines. Advertisements and the date was also included.

The sun.

The suns target audience would be both genders around the ages of 18-30. The images on the front took up 80% which would appeal to the working class, often younger audience. This is because they often do not want to read as much as someone who read the guardian, for example. The newspaper also showed balanced views, which would also appeal to the audience as it is not completely biased. This newspaper also included the date and used traditional fonts. The colour red is used, making it look traditional, The font used for the masthead is very significant.

Both newspapers are often politically opinionated.