Imagery in journalism and the media is a very important aspect. Images can tell a story without the words. in magazines and newspapers. they are also important. This is because readers will be more attracted to magazines and newspapers that have bright and eye-catching images.



This Magazines target audience will be female teenagers and young adults. I like that this cover has softer fonts, in which females seem to be more attracted to when looking at magazines to buy. I also like the colour scheme, the colours pop and are very seasonal. This magazine is a summer edition, in which the colours tie in very well with. Fans of lea Mitchell (who is the person on the front of the magazine) will want to buy this magazine to feel as thought they have more insight on her as a person. Aspirers will also buy this magazine. I also like the coverless they have used. These will attract a younger female audience because the are constantly finding ways to be better hair or how to be more confident.


Ok! magazine. 

This magazines target audience would be more mainstream. I like the colour scheme, this straight away notifies people that it is a gossip magazine. There are various images used on this magazine and all of them are celebrities. I like that there isn’t much going on but i don’t feel that the cover is a bit bland. Personally if I was to see this in a shop, I wouldn’t find it appealing and i wouldn’t want to buy it, I feel as though this would be the case for many other people too. Although I do like that they have used a star as big as Kim Kardashian on the front because this means that fans of her will buy it, so the design of the magazine wouldn’t matter as much to them although it is very important.


Global Citizen. 
This magazine Target audience would be professional business men. The font is more sharp, this is a font that would mostly always appeal to men, because it is easy to look at, it isn’t complicated. When you first look at a magazine you can instantly tell that it is aimed at higher, professional people that have a high income. This is because the magazine itself has a professional look that would typically match with the reader. When looking at the magazine i can picture it on a business mans desk in his office.


Top Gear. 

This is a car/ sports magazine, aimed at anyone who is interested in those things. I like the choice of image on the cover as it is very striking an appealing, something that i would find myself looking at because of the quality of it. The masthead is very bold and would be easy to pick out on a shelf when looking for the top gear magazine. The fact that the image takes up all of the page supports the fact that imagery in journalism is very important. if this magazine cover was mostly text, it wouldn’t be as popular as it is. People would find it boring and wouldn’t want to invest their money and time into buying a reading it, because it didn’t interest them at the first glance.