September 2015

Personality profile.

Halsey_LA_(2)Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, known to everyone by her stage name Halsey has been on a crazy ride since her debut album BADLANDS was released and came 2nd on the billboard 200 chart.

The singer/songwriter grew up all over new- jersey. This because her parents were so young when they had her, they had to move often to keep money coming in.

Halsey went from living out of a suitcase and sleeping at her managers’ parents house to selling out tickets to her headline shows and opening for big artists like the Imagine dragons.

She is tri-bi, which means biracial, bipolar and bisexual. This is something that she doesn’t ‘identify’ as but just who she is as a person, something she is quick to correct if anyone says otherwise.

Halsey once responded to a tweet that said this is what she identifies as with: “Love you but this is absurd. None of these are things I “identify as”. They are what I am. This is a crude misquote.”

Halsey has never been anything but herself, and her music reflects that. She lives in extremes with an educated mind and a quick tongue.

Halsey is different, this makes her one of the most unique artists on the scene before she even opens her mouth.

She is a very honest person, which she shares within her music. Every song she writes is autobiographical, something she has gone through.

she is an open book – listening to her music is like reading her diary. She writes the truth, wether it be evil or angelic.

Within her ROOM93 EP and her album BADLANDS she is telling a story. Every song will most likely be about something she has experienced herself.

Halsey refers to music as art and says she “fell in love with it.”

“You meet people who want to make art, and then you meet people who have to do it because if they don’t, they’ll go crazy.”  says Zane Lowe, DJ programmer at Apple music beats as he talks about Halsey.

Halsey is a huge inspiration amongst young women, she is extremely successful both online and in person. She makes it known that it is important to love yourself, and others. Her feminist views strike her audience too.

Her album BADLANDS is a concept album, and highly recommended.

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Magazine feature

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 13.45.27At the start of the lesson everybody wrote about the magazine feature that they looked at. We then talked about them so it would help us write a personality profile, based off the feature that we chose.

There are different types of features.

  • News backgrounder
  • Follow-up feature
  • Personality profile
  • ‘ordinary’ people (human interests)
  • Specialist
  • Reviews
  • How-to articles
  • Opinion pieces/blogs

The rule of thirds in photography.

In photography it is important to go by the rule of thirds. This is where an image, portrait (upright) or landscape is split into thirds. most of the image will be in the two thirds the background in the last third. When taking a picture of someone their eyes will usually be on the line of the top third.

On the left hand side you should make them look to the left, on the right look to the right.

Composition- How we frame an image.


This is a perfect example of the rule of thirds. The women is mostly in two thirds and her eyes are on the top third line.


This image placed the subject of the shot in-between the two left thirds.

After doing research about the rule of the thirds we went off to take our own images. 


I think this is a good first attempt at taking our own images. This is because my models eyes seem to be in the right place. She is also mainly in the left two thirds. This makes a good image because it works well with the rule of thirds.


I also think this is a good image but could be improved. My model is mostly in the middle third. I like that there is enough space above and below my model, so that it doesn’t look as bad as it could do if that was a case.  To improve this I would retake the shot and make sure that my model is placed more in the right third than in the centre.


I think this is bad attempt at a landscape full body shot. This is mainly because of the amount of space above the models head. To make this better I would need to either retake the shot or crop it so there isn’t as much space.


This image works well with the rule of thirds but to make it better I would make her look directly at the camera.

The impact of being able to publish content on to the web.

Positive affects of User generated content. (UGC)

user generated content is any form of content. For example; blogs, wikis, discussion forums, posts, chats, tweets, digital images, video, audio files, advertisements and other forms of media. These posts are specifically created by an online user, that then make the content available on social media. Companies use this.

Online users develop content for different reasons like self-expression to personal fame or rewards.

Positives of User generated content.

  1. Gives users a voice. This makes them feel an important part of the whole thing and as though their opinion counts.
  2. It is the upcoming way of communication in today’s generation. This is how things are done and people often feel more comfortable with it.
  3. Improves service, it helps companies to directly address any issues the users face.
  4. Promotion.
    • Positive reviews by other customers and users create a positive word-of-mouth across many different platforms. This is because a user is likely to post on social media too.
  5. feedback. The feedback given will help various other users.

Negatives of User generated content.

  1. Companies give up control to a certain extent

    When they give users the opportunity to post on their sight, it gives the user more control on how the company/ brand will look due to the things these users post.

  2. When reviews are posted, people can say anything so potential customers may be drawn away from buying the product they were hoping due to one bad review.
  3. comments can include offensive language and spam. (this only usually happens if the site is not moderated properly)
  4. Unreliable sources. You may get feedback from unreliable sources that you don’t know whether they are worth trusting or not.
  5. Time consuming. Trying to keep users constantly happy may take up a lot of your time as you are constantly thinking of different ways to make your content better and taking time to do it.

Websites I like the look of.

I like the way it looks like a blog, which makes it feel like a journal. I like the colours used and how simple the whole thing looks, but in a professional way. I also like how the images of the products are set out, and how they are mostly pops of colour on a white background. Overall i like  the whole layout of the website.

I like how the menu bar is down the side on this website. I also like how the majority of the page is taken up by a slideshow of images. This makes the website look more appealing and makes you want to browse more. I also like how the majority of the websites colour is black but on the left hand side near the menu, there is a pop of colour.

I love how this website reflects the bands image. I also like how the images are so neatly set out and how the colour scheme runs constantly throughout the whole website itself.

Writing news

In todays lesson we looked at direct and indirect quotes. Below I have wrote out my own news story, taking the information given to me previously. I have managed to use direct and indirect quotes.

A cyclist competitor of six years is lucky to be alive after his collision with a car as a passerby gave him mouth to mouth resuscitation.

Lance Anderson, 26, competitor of the Oxshire Road Race championship was involved in a hit and run crash yesterday.

He was completing a hill climb at Radcliffe Mount when a red Ford Escort came out of nowhere and hit him after loosing control.

The husband and father of one was runner up last year and was hoping to come first this year.

He said: “Cycling is the love of my life”

Mrs Joanne Pinto, who was walking with her sister at the time of the accident witnessed everything.

She said: “It was awful. He was blue and appeared to have stopped breathing.

“But i have had first- aid training. I checked his pulse and administered the kiss of life.

“To my immense relief, after a couple of minutes, he started to breathe and some colour returned to his face.”

Mrs Pinto said an ambulance arrived within minutes. She also said that she later phoned St Mary’s Hospital where she was informed of his critical condition, but they reassured her that the resuscitation had saved his life.

She was also later informed by the police that they had arrested two joyriders and had kept them in for questioning.

Lance’s wife Pauline, 24, later said: “I can’t thank Mrs Pinto enough for what she did. The doctors are optimistic that Lance will pull through.”

1.2.1 Codes and conventions of magazines



The masthead covers the top third of the magazine. The fact that it is very vibrant and large will draw attention to it in the shops. Vogue magazine is already a very popular magazine so when people enter a shop wanting to but the magazine, all they will have to do is scan all the magazines to find it as the masthead stands out so much. The Font suggests that the magazines target audience is female. This is because the font is a lot more soft and rounded, which is proven to appeal to women more than men. Without being too soft and looking unprofessional, the masthead still gives the whole magazine a professional outlook.


The Strapline is usually featured below the masthead but in this magazine it is featured over the ‘V’ in ‘VOGUE’ This is most probably used to help sell the magazine even more. People often look for something like a freebie or some direct advice for them. Because of this the magazine would want to make sure the strapline is shown straight away at first glance.


The Coverlines used outline the model (Taylor Swift) and always bring the attention back to her, either at first glance or after you’ve read them.  The colour of them also gives the magazine a look of sophistication. This is because the colour white connotes as purity, which gives the magazine a nice, pure look. The Coverlines will also attract aspires as they may read something like “update your style for spring” and want to see what they can do to achieve that, this will make them want to buy the magazine to see what is inside.

Colour scheme.

As you can see the magazine has a constant colour scheme of Blue, White and a little black. These are known as the magazines house colours. These colours contrast with the model herself. This is because of the clothing she is wearing and her makeup. Her blue eyes contrast well with the blue font, making them both stand out. The whiteness and smoothness of her skin/ face also contrasts well with the white font. She as a person also looks innocent and pure, nothing about her is drastic or shocking, she is simple and attractive which ties in with the magazine.


I would say this magazines target audience would be women of the age 16+ who are more upper-class, this is because it is a very professional magazine and would cost more than one lower down the market. Their target audience would also be women interested in fashion and beauty as that is what the magazine is predominately about. The magazines target audience for this particular issue would also be fans of Taylor Swift, as she is such a big star in today’s world. Her fans would see her on the cover and be interested in the story that is inside, making them buy the magazine. Using her and featuring her name on the cover would attract even more people other than just their primary audience, the people attracted to the magazine because of the person or things in it are the magazines secondary audience. More high end magazines have a lot of trust in their primary audience to purchase the magazine every month but will also try their best to attract a secondary audience which will achieve them more sales.

1.2.1 Communication methods used in Journalism

Communication methods used in the media industry. 

There are many ways in which you are able to communicate with your audience in media. This depends on what information you are trying to pass on. I will list some of the different ways below.

  • Magazines
  • Leaflets
  • Advertisements
  • Mobile apps
  • TV
  • noticeboards
  • Photography
  • Newspaper
  • Websites
  • Films
  • Blogs
  • Books
  • Social media- Twitter, Facebook. YouTube (video blogs)

Journalistic communication methods. 

In journalism you would communicate with your audience in a more journalistic way. For example;

Leaflets and flyers. The purpose of leaflets and flyers is to inform and educate. If they were used to inform you, it would be about charity events, restaurants etc. To educate you would be about something you need information on, for example, illness etc. You would usually find leaflets at the doctors, schools and entrances to public buildings. You may also find them in magazines, on the internet and sometimes receive the, through email.

Codes and conventions.

Conventions- Title, Images, Information, contact details.

Codes- Formal and informal language, clear fonts and eye catching colours.

Radio news. The purpose of radio news is to inform you of news around the world. This could be locally, Nationally or globally. Examples of these type of radio stations would be Radio 4, Radio 5 live and BBC radio 2.

Codes and conventions. News is often delivered in a certain way. The Hard news which is basically the more important or drastic will come first, The soft news which is usually the least important or more feel good, will come last. The news is presented by spoken language. Vox- pops are often included and it is often left open for analysis and discussion. There will be a lot of travel news updates as well as breaking news and sport updates.

TV news. The purpose of TV news is to inform people on current events. This way of reporting the news is often more powerful than radio news because it uses visuals. There are many channels that are used for TV news. For example Look north, BBC news, Breakfast, Calendar, ITV news, Sky news and 60 second news.

Codes and conventions. Like Radio news, the news is usually delivered by presenting the Hard news first and the soft news last. The anchors (news reporter) are usually smartly dressed and well spoken. The presenters often use direct address, which makes you feel as though they are talking directly to you and this makes you trust the news more. They also include pre-recorded and live footage inserts. Anchorage is often used which is very important, it shows facts and figures whilst the presenter talks over, backing up the news story.

Website/ Blog. The purpose of websites and blogs are often to entertain. Examples of these type of websites would be WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Codes and conventions. They include text and images, further links and personal opinions. They should also be colorful, fun and eye catching

Newspaper. The purpose of a newspaper is to inform and entertain. There are different types of newspapers; Tabloid and broadsheets. They are used to inform us on the weekly news.

Codes and conventions of tabloid newspaper and broadsheet newspaper. 

As stated above, there are different types of newspapers. The sun, is a tabloid newspaper, The Telegraph is a broadsheet newspaper.

The Telegraph.

The Telegraphs target audience would be both genders around the age of 30+. Often upper-class, professional and very interested and passionate about the working world. On the front page of the newspaper we looked at, the image took over 30% of the page. This showed tat is was a dominant story and it was anchored well by the headline. The amount of text on the front showed the audience the stories are well explained, in depth. The cover included traditional fonts and sub headlines. Advertisements and the date was also included.

The sun.

The suns target audience would be both genders around the ages of 18-30. The images on the front took up 80% which would appeal to the working class, often younger audience. This is because they often do not want to read as much as someone who read the guardian, for example. The newspaper also showed balanced views, which would also appeal to the audience as it is not completely biased. This newspaper also included the date and used traditional fonts. The colour red is used, making it look traditional, The font used for the masthead is very significant.

Both newspapers are often politically opinionated.

Imagery in journalism.

Imagery in journalism and the media is a very important aspect. Images can tell a story without the words. in magazines and newspapers. they are also important. This is because readers will be more attracted to magazines and newspapers that have bright and eye-catching images.



This Magazines target audience will be female teenagers and young adults. I like that this cover has softer fonts, in which females seem to be more attracted to when looking at magazines to buy. I also like the colour scheme, the colours pop and are very seasonal. This magazine is a summer edition, in which the colours tie in very well with. Fans of lea Mitchell (who is the person on the front of the magazine) will want to buy this magazine to feel as thought they have more insight on her as a person. Aspirers will also buy this magazine. I also like the coverless they have used. These will attract a younger female audience because the are constantly finding ways to be better hair or how to be more confident.


Ok! magazine. 

This magazines target audience would be more mainstream. I like the colour scheme, this straight away notifies people that it is a gossip magazine. There are various images used on this magazine and all of them are celebrities. I like that there isn’t much going on but i don’t feel that the cover is a bit bland. Personally if I was to see this in a shop, I wouldn’t find it appealing and i wouldn’t want to buy it, I feel as though this would be the case for many other people too. Although I do like that they have used a star as big as Kim Kardashian on the front because this means that fans of her will buy it, so the design of the magazine wouldn’t matter as much to them although it is very important.


Global Citizen. 
This magazine Target audience would be professional business men. The font is more sharp, this is a font that would mostly always appeal to men, because it is easy to look at, it isn’t complicated. When you first look at a magazine you can instantly tell that it is aimed at higher, professional people that have a high income. This is because the magazine itself has a professional look that would typically match with the reader. When looking at the magazine i can picture it on a business mans desk in his office.


Top Gear. 

This is a car/ sports magazine, aimed at anyone who is interested in those things. I like the choice of image on the cover as it is very striking an appealing, something that i would find myself looking at because of the quality of it. The masthead is very bold and would be easy to pick out on a shelf when looking for the top gear magazine. The fact that the image takes up all of the page supports the fact that imagery in journalism is very important. if this magazine cover was mostly text, it wouldn’t be as popular as it is. People would find it boring and wouldn’t want to invest their money and time into buying a reading it, because it didn’t interest them at the first glance.

What I learnt today.

In my first ever production class I learnt about a various amount of things. The overall topic was how to write news. I found this very helpful as we were taught tips and tricks on how to write a good news story. Firstly, we learnt about the 5 w’s. These are something you have to follow to create a good news story. The 5 w’s consist of

  • Who
  • What
  • Where
  • When
  • Why

The next thing we had to do was work in group and read two news articles from the The Metro. Whilst reading these we had to keep a eye out for when the writer answered the five W’s.

The first news story was Stressival.

Who was it about? Ben Hyland-Ward

What was it about? He received death threats after letting hundreds of music fans down.

Where? Isle of white.

When? The weekend.

why? he sold up to £150,000 worth of tickets to teenagers at half price and on the day of the festival, he didn’t turn up with the tickets.

The next news story that we read was Mayday! Mayday!

Who? Chris Henkey.

What? He saved 172 lives

Where? Las  Vegas.

When? Tuesday.

Why? The jets left engine burst into flames.

Doing this taught us that it is really important to have the W questions answered quite early on in a news article so that the public will carry on reading it. If questions that they want answers for aren’t answered quickly, they probably wont read on.

The next thing we did was read different news stories, we then had to pick out the most interesting piece of information that would be used at the start of the news story to grab the attention of others.  We then talked about  this in our groups.

We then went on to play ‘spot the intro’ within another news article, but one that was made up. We then went ahead and made our own intro.

My introductions is below. 

Craftspeople in Sheffield receive strange request to create a coffin type bed from vampire couple.

Workers at AG bed makers were left shocked when they received this particular request. The vampire couple fulfilled their dreams of having a coffin like bed made for them after saving up £2,000.

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